One of the most awaited Legendaries in “Pokemon Go” is the powerful monster Mewtwo. Fans previously expected that one of the strongest creatures in the franchise will be launched on September 1. However, it appears that Niantic Labs is still polishing the pocket monster’s launch in the augmented reality game. In fact, the testing of the EX Raid Battles is now starting and aims to get feedback from select players about this exclusive raid for the Legendary creature.

As part of the players’ preparation for the arrival of Mewtwo in the game, counter attacks are being formulated, along with tips and tricks on how to beat the monster.

Interestingly, the people at “Pokemon Go” Hub recently discovered very helpful information related to the Legendary pocket monster. From the team’s latest report it appears that players will find Mewtwo easier to catch than other Legendary Raid Bosses.

Capture Rate

Players of the popular augmented reality game who will soon have the opportunity to battle against Mewtwo have a higher chance of winning. In a recent report by the PGHub, the team discovered that Niantic Labs has updated the GAME_MASTER file for the game and made some changes in the Base Capture Rate of Mewtwo to six percent.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Base Capture Rate is the starting point or reference line for the player’s chance of catching a particular creature before all other catch bonuses are factored in.

The recent discovery means that if a player throws a Premier Ball at Mewtwo and hits it without any accuracy bonus, berry bonus, and other bonuses, the player has six percent chance of catching it in every throw. The Capture Rate of the creature increases when other bonuses are included.

BCR of other Legendaries and pocket monsters

Mewtwo’s Base Capture Rate if compared to other Legendaries in the game is interesting. It is two times higher than that of Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos. On the other hand, compared to the capture rate of Raikou, Suicune, and Entei, Mewtwo’s Capture Rate is three times higher.

Interestingly, the monster’s capture rate is also higher than Level 4 Raid Bosses such as Charizard, Venusaur, and Tyranitar.

Apparently, Niantic Labs increased Mewtwo’s Capture Rate because of its rarity. Although other Legendaries randomly appear in the Gyms, Mewtwo is exclusive on special EX Raid Battles. In this raid, only players who have been sent invitations can only participate in the raid. Meanwhile, EX Raid Battles or Mewtwo Raids have already started. Niantic Labs has already sent invitations to “Pokemon Go” players to participate in the testing.