There is a new bug in “Pokemon Go” that restricts the player from participating in the Legendary raids. The arrival of the legendary creatures in the popular augmented reality game has made the game even more exciting and engaging. After the exit of the mythical birds, Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos, Niantic Labs introduced mythical Beasts to keep up with the players’ momentum. However, going by recent observations, it appears that a serious issue must be addressed to appease the players’ growing frustrations.

New game breaking bug

The latest update rolled out in “Pokemon Go” has a plethora of issues related to loading image assets to the game.

This, in effect, causes a slew of silly visual bugs, including making the trainer appear invisible on the overworld map. In addition, players have also noticed that the images in the Pokedex are not loading properly.

Although these bugs are perceived as harmless, one of its downsides is that it blocks players from fighting against Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. This happens when the game fails to load the 3D assets of the mythical Beasts. When a player tries to enter the Raid, the game lapses or times out. It then bars players from participating in Legendary Raids. To make matters worse, when players try to restart the app, the bug is not fixed. Most likely, the problem stems from the Gym that loads without the 3D model.

Temporary remedy

Despite the bug issue, several creative players have already come up with a temporary solution to be able to participate in the Legendary Raids. However, this remedy requires players to at least see the Legendary monster for the Raid. Players should restart the app with the GPS off. This way, the game will be forced to reload the image asset for the mythical creature the player is trying to battle earlier than the time the gym loads up.

When the image asset of the creature appears, players can turn the GPS back on and get into the Legendary Raids without the game breaking bug.

Niantic Labs has recently confirmed that they are working on a fix for the image issues in “Pokemon Go.” Fans are looking forward to an upgrade and are hoping that this issue will be fixed soon so that the next round of Legendary Raids will be seamless and not frustrate them anymore.

In addition, Mewto Raid is expected to launch later this month and Niantic Labs would want to see their players have fun rather than get frustrated.