"Cuphead" is one of the most anticipated games of this fall, if for no other reason than its taken longer than most expected to finally get released. it turns out, that not only is it exactly as good looking as people were hoping, but it's quite a bit more difficult than people thought it would be.

Do a quick google search and you're bound to find one article after another of people throwing their controllers in frustration. It turns out there are a few things you can do in order to have at least a little success on the Microsoft exclusive.

Remap the default controls on 'Cuphead'

The original controls for the game have it set so that jumping, shooting, dash, and power fire are all on the letter buttons. That can make things a bit hard when enemies start firing things at you at a rather rapid pace. As Polygon points out, it's better to have a few of these main controls on the letter buttons but also use the bumpers.

The website suggests putting jump on the A-button and shoort on the X-button, but also putting dash on the left bumper and power shot on the right trigger. This will allow for gamers' hands to get a bit more of a rest and will allow for better reaction times to the hordes of enemies coming at Cuphead and Mugman.

Buy one special buff

If you have visited the shop, you have likely see the special items and buffs that can be bought there. While there are a ton of options you can purchase that will help in one stage or another, there is one that stands out from the crowd. Make sure to buy the buff that allows you to avoid taking damage whenever you are mid-dash.

This will especially come in handy in later levels where it's almost impossible to avoid the massive projectiles flying at you.

Parry and then parry some more in 'Cuphead'

The parry move can be one that gamers are going to forget in the heat of the moment, but you're going to want to master it early on. Remember that you can jump and then jump again on anything that is hot pink.

Keep a close eye out for these items, especially since instinct is going to make you want to just flat out avoid everything coming at you.

The best way to really master this move is to practice over and over again on an early level. Keep in mind, you are likely going to die, and die often when playing the game, so treat practice exactly as you should. You're going to play a level over and over in "Cuphead" but you're really just preparing to do better as you get further into the absolutely crazy story laid out in front of you.