Overwatch” offers a good set of characters, all possessing unique traits and abilities. But when it comes to the competitive aspect of the game, teamwork is always the main subject. None of the characters can carry a team unless they work together.

According to MMO Examiner, regardless of how interesting “Overwatch” can become, toxicity is always its main issue. No matter how Blizzard improves the game’s punishment system, the number of players throwing and leaving matches continues to increase. There are those who believe that the root cause of toxicity is character selection.

Too much DPS characters

In Competitive Play, the most common problem players face is team composition. They fight with each other over which character to choose. But if there is one thing that proves to be consistent, it is the selection of DPS characters. Players, more often than not, will resort to selecting these heroes over support or tank. There are times when a team comp consists of three or four characters. In some cases, though, DPS characters prove to be helpful. But, at the end of the day, it is still the root cause of toxicity.

Perhaps players are just used to MOBA games that offer “Carry” characters. Obviously, in “Overwatch,” carries are usually the DPS heroes. This is because they are capable of inflicting massive damage compared to other characters.

More importantly, their primary role is still to eliminate or kill opponents. Unlike support, they become useless if they do not heal or boost. Tank characters, on the other hand, should primarily focus on shielding and absorbing damage.

Why players are fond of these characters?

MMO Examiner further explains that this kind of mentality in the game leads to unsatisfactory results.

That is because they veer away from the core of the game, which is teamwork. Players must cooperate and use characters that constitute a good team comp. But why do some players still resort to DPS characters? Or why is that given the kind of situation they are in a match, they barely pick support or tank heroes? Most enthusiasts believe that players just want to be the main highlight of the game.

They think that such achievement can only be reached if they choose the likes of Genji, Reaper or Soldier: 76, among others.

While this is true, in one way or another, it does not necessarily apply to every game in “Overwatch.” It is also why Blizzard allows hero changing during matches. This is to give players the freedom to adjust to the kind of characters they need to utilize in certain matches. Unfortunately, some would rather resort to using their favorite DPS heroes than prioritizing the team’s overall composition.