Support characters are just as important as any other characters in “Overwatch.” They keep their teammates alive through healing and help them inflict damage through boosting. Their skill kit makes them a significant inclusion in any team composition.

When talking about “Overwatch” support characters, one of the most popular ones is Symmetra. While she does not excel in healing, she is a great hero when it comes to defense. Below are some tips on how to make her an efficient character in the game.

Deploy Sentry Turrets on entry points

Sentry Turrets are arguably Symmetra’s main artillery in the game.

It gives her and the team a good line of defense. These turrets do not only inflict massive damages, they also slow down any target. However, their efficiency is only as good as the position or location they are installed. It is important for players to understand where they can be most useful on a map.

In general, Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets can work efficiently on entry points in “Overwatch.” These are locations where opponents can enter to invade a point or location. These are also crucial, as they can decide the fate of a team in a match. As Symmetra, players should try to deploy their turrets at entry points to give the opposing team a huge roadblock. It will be harder for them to enter as they have to take care of the incoming damage from the team.

Make use of her shield

Her shield or Photon Barrier gives players an edge over their opponents in the game. It prevents them from taking any incoming damage, though position still matters. Keep in mind that the Photon Barrier does not stay in a single spot like Orisa’s. It moves towards the targeted location, but it is still efficient in its own way.

Here, “Overwatch” players can use the Photon Barrier to shield them as they attack an opponent. For instance, they can deploy a Photon Barrier to render Genji’s projectiles useless. At the same time, Symmetra can hit the cyborg ninja using her normal attack. More often than not, Symmetra wins the clash.

Choose the ultimate abilities wisely

In the game, Symmetra has two kinds of ultimate abilities: the Teleporter and the Shield Generator. The former basically helps the team reach or teleport to a point instantly; whereas the latter gives them increased health base. While the two ultimates are proven to be important, their efficiency still depends on the kind of situation the team is.

If the team is looking to focus on defense, then it is perhaps recommended for Symmetra to choose the Teleporter in “Overwatch.” This gives her team an edge in defending points against the enemy team. But if the opponents are working with a heavily artillery, then it is only right for the Shield Generator to be used.