This week marked the start of Kamen Rider Build, replacing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in TV-Asahi's Super Hero Time 8:00 AM block. For me, the first episode has shown great promise of becoming an awesome series for 2017-2018. However, there is mixed feedback from the fan base, but thankfully most of them are positive.

After the preview of next week's episode and a few commercials, a trailer of an upcoming PS4 game has surprised everyone in the fan base, including me! But before we cut right to the chase, let us know more about the KR franchise.

A brief history of the Kamen Rider franchise and merchandise

All throughout the years that the Kamen Rider franchise has aired, the known merchandise have always been role-playing toys and vinyl figures. In the recent decade, the franchise has expanded its choices for merchandising.

Aside from the usual stuff they have been selling for years, they have also added in a wardrobe for cosplaying purposes, articulated toy figures to also cater the mature audiences, music CDs for the people who'd like to have a remembrance of the opening themes and soundtracks of their favorite riders, and much more.

Some of the most notable things they've added as merchandise though are the games. For the Tokusatsu genre, in particular, games are a staple in merchandising as a means of promoting the series.

Kamen Rider games in general

Since the start of the production of games for the KR franchise, the main target audience for these games has always been the Japanese people, so these games are all in Japanese with an occasional use of English words. It would make sense since the franchise originated from Japan. However, the spread of the shows has gone beyond the borders of the Land of the Rising Sun, reaching neighboring countries and even the distant ones.

Whenever a game is being promoted, it is natural for the non-Japanese fans to have the desire to be able to play the said game. Despite this, most Kamen Rider games don't have any releases in other languages, which is a let down for the foreign fans. Recently, games were also developed for the PlayStation 4 console. With the PS4 being region-free with its game discs, players outside Japan are now a step further into playing KR games.

The Official Game Trailer

Similar to the previous games, this one is also a fighting game - with Build included on it. Without further ado, here is the teaser video on the newest upcoming KR game for the PS4, Kamen Rider Climax Fighters!

Are you getting hyped for this game? Mark your calendars because based on the trailer, this game will be released this December! 'Til next time!