It is time to take a look at this week's PlayStation Store sales to see if anything is deserving of our attention.

Besides a "Farming Simulator" sale, the focus for this week is the publisher Bandai Namco. As they are one of the biggest Japanese distributors in the business, there are quite a few popular titles available to purchase.

Let us take a quick look at the games on sale and if their temporary price is something to be excited about.

'Dark Souls'

PlayStation 4's "Dark Souls III" is probably the biggest game on sale, at a tempting price of $23.99.

Developed by From Software, the hard hitting RPG might end up being the last in the franchise, and it is the most polished of the trilogy. It is a long game which offers a great degree of replayability, as the style of gameplay depends on which weapon the player decides to use.

This is not a series made for everyone, as it requires time and dedication to master really. Players will spend all their time, especially early on in the game, dying over and over again. It is the point, as with each death comes an opportunity to learn and improve.

"Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin" is available for $11.99, which is also a pretty fantastic game. It is a bit harder than the third entry and less polished, so first time players might benefit from trying the latest entry into the series.

It still is an absolute steal at that price. Please note that "Scholar of the First Sin" has been around for awhile, so it might be reduced to a similar price again in the future.

Weirdly, the PlayStation 3 version of "Scholar of the First Sin" is available for $14.99, a full $3 more than the PlayStation 4 one.

'Dragon Ball'

Who does not love some "Dragon Ball?" "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" is available for $35.99.

Although this is a perfectly fine game, and we recommend it over the original, this is not exactly a great price. Those who already own the first "Xenoverse" and are not itching to revisit the game, should probably wait until it's under $20, as there is not a great deal of new content available.

'Tales of Berseria'

Our pick for the sale of the week goes to "Tales of Berseria," which is easily one of the best JRPGs of the year and a must have for fans of the "Tales" franchise.

The price is $35.99, which is a saving of 40%. "Tales of Berseria" is deserving of the full $60, so this is an easy recommendation.

The combat is fast paced, and the story is quite interesting. It is still a "Tales" game, so if the franchise never did it for you, this one is unlikely to change your mind.