After a lengthy hiatus from the spotlight, Sony has started to share details about the new “God Of War”. The game director, Cory Barlog recently shared some new details about the action adventure game and its new gameplay mechanics. Likewise, some of the game’s official artwork called "Realm of Many Mysteries" has been shared online. A few days ago, the official PlayStation Twitter account posted an image that depicted some ancient runes. It challenged everyone to translate the symbols in exchange for some exclusive Concept Art. It seems that eager fans were able to come up with the correct answer, and were given the concept art as promised.

Realm of Many Mysteries reveals ‘God of War’ artwork

According to Sony, the mysterious runes actually translated into “Realm of Many Mysteries”. Since participants got the answer right, the publisher released a set of concept art that apparently showcases Midgard in “God of War”. The images depict Kratos and his son Atreus in different areas visited throughout their adventure. In one image, the protagonist is seen with his son as they traverse a densely forested valley. Another one shows the two as they pass by several large structures near a body of water.

Interactive book shows more

Surprisingly, a link listed on the tweet leads users to an interactive book, which supposedly unlocks even more concept art images.

There is one particular image where Kratos protects Atreus against an army of what appears to be undead soldiers. Meanwhile, in the distance, a looming giant is also visible but remains unclear if it’s going to be one of the game’s larger bosses. Along with the interactive book, more information about Midgard was apparently included.

Learning about Norse mythology

While some fans were reportedly worried about the series’ departure from Greek mythology, the new concept art and recent footage prove otherwise. Players can expect to learn a thing or two about the Norse mythos as the game progresses. Content from the interactive book reveals details like “speaking runes aloud invokes a mystic power”, which could be a clue as to what players can expect from its gameplay.

Expect more news soon

Sony’s next big event is the PlayStation Experience 2017 this December. It has been speculated that the company intentionally held back during E3 2017 in order to reveal more later on. “God of War” will most likely have more than just the Realm of Many Mysteries concept art by then. Fans can also follow the official PlayStation Twitter account for future news regarding the title.