Pokemon” and Nintendo have a solid relationship when it comes to their games as each new franchise is always made for the current Nintendo handheld. Just recently, we were treated to “Sun And Moon” while “Ultra Sun and Moon” will be launching on the 3DS later this November. That being said, it’s a bit surprising to hear that the “Pokemon” CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, believed the Nintendo Switch would fail before it even launched in stores.

‘Pokemon’ CEO’s surprising revelation

The Pokemon CEO recently sat down for an interview with Bloomberg wherein he talked about the franchise.

During their conversation, he briefly discussed Nintendo’s latest console and how he believed it would have been a failure. He mentioned how he didn’t believe anyone would still carry out a game console in “the age of smartphones.” However, he was easily proven wrong, and the fact that it was a hybrid console was attractive enough to consumers. He now believes that the Switch has potential, but “one shouldn’t overestimate its potential.”

It’s pretty obvious that Ishihara is still waiting on how the Switch will turn out. The hybrid console just launched this year, yet has been doing significantly better than the Wii U. While it still lacks a good amount of games, fans were already treated to titles like “Breath of the Wild,” “Splatoon 2,” and “Mario + Rabbids.” Moreover, Nintendo will continue to support the Switch with games like “Super Mario Odyssey,” “Metroid Prime 4,” and “Xenoblade Chronicles 2.”

‘Pokemon’ game for the Switch

With that being said, the company previously mentioned that they would be making a new mainline series entry for the Switch.

While they haven’t gone into detail about what this game will be, it could be Generation 8 or something like “Colosseum” or “Gale of Darkness.” Nintendo has also shared that this game will feature key series mechanics like “finding, catching, and battling,” as per Twinfinite.

However, fans shouldn’t expect this game anytime soon as there is no specific release date as of now.

Those who are looking forward to playing another similar game can buy “Ultra Sun and Moon” which is slated to release on the 3DS this November 17. The game follows an alternate story line from the original game and reveals more about the dark secrets of the Alola region. Game Freak is keeping most of the information about the game under wraps for now, so it seems like they still have a lot of surprises in store.