Even though Horizon Lunar Colony map was released three months ago, "Overwatch" players are still having a hard time getting used to it. It is one of the most hated maps in the game, and players simply dislike too many things about it. The map still has a few bugs, but the latest bug is a game-breaking one and it gives a huge advantage to the exploiter.

Basically, players can glitch behind the windows on the first point of the map. If they do this, they will be able to shoot their enemies through the windows, but their enemies won't be able to shoot them.

In short, this gives the exploiter invulnerability while also providing a good vantage point for taking down the opposing team.

It seems that this game-breaking bug came with the latest patch, which also gave "Overwatch" players a lot of amazing updates.

Game-breaking bug

This bug can easily be exploited by Reaper as he can teleport himself with Shadow Step. Players need to pick this hero then go to the stairs which are close to the point A on the map. After moving up on the stairs, players can use the Reaper's ability to teleport inside the wall. Once inside, players can move along the wall until they reach the second spawn point, which will allow them to switch to any other hero.

If players switch to another hero with a high mobility, such as Pharah, they can use her skills to reach even more locations on the map.

Furthermore, they can completely get outside of the map, which was definitely not intended.

The worst thing about this bug is that it allows players to reach some places that give them an unfair advantage over their opponents. One of those spots is the big window at point A of the map, and if players pick a high-damage hero, such as Widowmaker, they can easily eliminate enemies while being immune to attacks.

Windowmaker, am I right?

Blizzard's response

Reddit user FraanzFerdinand reported this bug on the "Overwatch" subreddit and it got a lot of attention shortly after. The user claimed he lost the game because of this bug, as there was a Widowmaker who was exploiting it. While Widowmaker was sniping her enemies down, it was obvious that they couldn't do anything to her as there was a wall that couldn't be penetrated by bullets or projectiles.

Fortunately, the post caught Blizzard's attention. Game director Jeff Kaplan responded to the user, apologizing for the issue and saying that the game-breaking bug will be fixed next week.