Just recently, Blizzard released deathmatch modes for "Overwatch." These modes are completely different from the rest of the game as the game is primarily based on capturing objectives or doing specific tasks. In deathmatch, all you need to do to win is to eliminate the opposing team or Players. There is no need for any special objectives, which makes it a great mode for relaxation.

The video game company added team deathmatch mode and also free-for-all mode where players all play against each other. While this new addition is exciting and game changing, some players have experienced a serious bug that simply ruins the gameplay.

This bug renders Widowmaker's ultimate ability useless, and even though it doesn't happen often, it's still infuriating.

Widowmaker's bug

This bug happens when there are two Widowmaker players playing against each other in the same deathmatch lobby. If one Widowmaker uses her ultimate ability, the other player won't be able to use it properly.

Widowmaker's ultimate ability will allow the first player to see enemies through the walls, just as it's intended to work. However, the second player will activate Infra-Sight, but won't be able to see the enemies. It seems that the bug appears when there are two Widowmakers using ultimate abilities at the same time.

However, sometimes the enemies will appear for the second player, which makes the bug even weirder.

It seems that players will appear for the second Widowmaker only if they die and respawn during the duration of her ultimate ability. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but it is very likely to be the case.

Free-for-all bug

This bug seems to be present only in free-for-all deathmatch mode. While it's not very likely that you will encounter another Widowmaker and activate your ultimate ability shortly after her, it is best to pick another hero for now.

Considering that her ultimate ability is essential to her sniping, the character is put at a great disadvantage with this bug. Ultimate abilities in "Overwatch" are supposed to be game changers, but this bug certainly prevents Widowmaker players from gaining anything from it.

Cause of the issue

There aren't many details regarding the bug, so it is hard to say what exactly is causing it.

However, Junkrat had a bug in free-for-all mode as well, as he was able to destroy his own mine. Even though it wasn't an enemy mine, Junkrat's grenades would destroy it. Now, Widowmaker might not see her enemies through walls simply because they are considered friendly targets to her.

These bugs seem to have the same root, and it is "Overwatch's" inability to correctly mark players as friends or enemies in this mode.