Support heroes are the crucial part of every "Overwatch" composition and no team can perform well without them. This especially applies to healers, whose job is to keep teammates alive. However, some support players make common mistakes and if they eliminated them, they would be much better.

In this article, you can read about a common mistake for every single support hero.


Ana should not play like a traditional healer in terms of positioning.

Instead of staying behind the team, Ana should move along with her teammates as she is an easy target for offense heroes in a dive comp, especially Genji and tracer.


A lot of players use Lucio for wall riding, booping and speed boost, without actually helping their teammates stay alive.

Good Lucio players know how to balance things and switch from speed boost to healing and vice versa. If your teammates are going to die, then you have to switch to healing and save them. While speed boost is useful and Lucio can deal a decent amount of damage, his primary role on is healing, and that is what he should be doing most of the time.


Mercy is an amazing healer, especially when it comes to single-target healing. However, a lot of people overestimate Guardian Angel and fly too far.

Guardian Angel should be used in moderation and it should be canceled if it means that Mercy is going to be killed.

Basically, if you use Mercy, do not fly too far if one of your teammates has gone too deep into the enemy territory. This will most likely get both you and your teammate killed, which is definitely a bad idea.


Zenyatta is capable of dealing massive damage to his enemies, and a lot of players don't use him for this. Just because Zenyatta is a support hero doesn't mean that he shouldn't deal damage.

In truth, this hero is not a solo healer and should be treated more like an off-healer.

Using Discord Orb and both of Zenyatta's fire modes can result in a big damage outburst from this hero. Preferably, Zenyatta players should use alternate fire mode as it is capable of one-shotting many heroes. However, you have to have a good aim to use Orb Volley.


At the end, we have Symmetra, who can also deal a decent amount of damage. However, a lot of players only use her primary fire, without charging up her alternate fire mode, which can deal much more damage.

If you are in a situation where you can land a surprise attack on your enemy, make sure you charge Symmetra's alternate fire and aim it at the enemy. After it, use the primary fire to finish the target off if necessary.