Super Mario Odyssey” is gearing up to release later next month and continues Mario’s strange journeys. This time, he teams up with a living cap called Cappy and embarks on a quest to save his girlfriend, Peach, from the clutches of Bowser. Bowser means business as he plans to marry Peach by force for some unknown reason. While it seems like Mario will get the spotlight again, a new teaser image features Peach’s wedding tiara with Cappy-like eyes. Will she be a playable character in “Super Mario Odyssey?”

Absolutely peachy

According to Twinfinite, an update image of Peach and Bowser’s wedding invitation has just surfaced.

Here, we see the two characters together, with the princess of Mushroom Kingdom looking extremely annoyed. If you look at her tiara, you’ll notice a pair of eyes that look similar to Mario’s own cap. Nintendo has already stated that his headpiece will have a major part in the game, seeing as how you can “capture” items and people by throwing your cap on them. It’s still unsure if Peach will have her own cap, but judging by the image, there’s a good chance that her tiara might be Cappy’s girlfriend. This could explain why Mario and his headpiece teamed up together as they might be trying to rescue their respective lovers.

Mario's latest adventure

Nintendo revealed the latest Mario game back during the Switch’s initial tease last year.

They formally announced the game during the Switch’s presentation and showed off some of its cool new mechanics. According to Dot Esports, the game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will follow Mario on another adventure. The game contains multiple worlds that you can visit on your cap-like ship called “the Odyssey.” Your main mission is to search for wedding items before Bowser can find them, effectively ruining their wedding.

Shigeru Miyamoto claimed that this title is similar to “Super Mario 64” in style.

The game also boasts an open-world with plenty of things to do. Each world aka kingdoms has Power Moons that you need to collect in order to travel to the next area. This allows players the option to speed through the game, or take their time and solve puzzles or interact with the world.

Another major feature is the inclusion of Cappy who can control humans, animals, and objects to solve puzzles. Finally, the game also features local co-op play which supports the two Joy-Cons are separate controllers.

“Super Mario Odyssey” is slated to release this October 27 on the Nintendo Switch.