"Overwatch" has dealt with a lot of bugs recently, and while Blizzard is trying hard to make the game enjoyable for everyone, there are some bugs that completely ruin the gameplay. Ever since the game developer released the update that brought deathmatch modes to "Overwatch," the video game has been plagued with bugs.

In the last few weeks, players had issues with Junkrat and Widowmaker as their abilities were bugged. This happened in deathmatch modes, and it seems that these modes brought more bugs than fixes.

However, the latest "Overwatch" Bug is related to competitive play and it's definitely one of the most devastating bugs this game has ever had.

Players affected by it will quickly lose their season rating and they will also be given a permanent season ban. The worst thing about the bug? It can happen to anyone and there is no guarantee that Blizzard will fix it anytime soon.

The bug causes players to lose SR

Redditor Chromega1231 brought this bug to attention as it's been ruining the game for a few weeks now. Season 6 of "Overwatch" competitive play began earlier this month, but it's been far from perfect. The latest bug negatively affects players' ratings and it is recommended that players stay away from the competitive play until Blizzard fixes the issue.

The redditor claims that players can lose "hundreds of SR" with this bug. Apparently, the bug occurs when a player leaves the competitive match while it's loading.

The match then goes into a "waiting for players" state, which is very unusual for competitive play. After some time, the match tries to start, but it fails again and returns players to the previous state.

A few players lost up to 600 SR due to this bug, which is simply unacceptable. However, the worst thing about the bug is that the players affected by it receive a ban.

Most players receive a season ban, but some of them get banned for a few hours.

What is causing the bug?

While Blizzard hasn't revealed the cause of this bug, it seems it happens because some players enter the match even when they cancel searching for it. This is another bug that has affected "Overwatch" community lately and it seems that the game developer has yet to fix it.

Blizzard hasn't commented anything regarding this bug. There is a good chance that the banned players will remain banned for the entire duration of the season, so avoiding competitive play until the bug is fixed is a smart idea.