Overwatch” has quickly become one of the most exciting games in recent memory. Blizzard has developed a game that would go down as one of the greats. There is no stopping this title from accumulating massive success.

But what makes “Overwatchan exciting game? Why plenty of players from around the world playing it? Below are some compelling reasons why this game is successful.

It’s all about teamwork

Most games nowadays are geared towards individual gameplay. This is even true in some MOBA titles nowadays. A team’s success is somewhat based on an individual’s ability to carry the team.

There is nothing wrong about, but it cannot be denied it is cliché.

Overwatch,” however, contradicts that notion. This game is not about an individual or character carrying matches. Instead, it focuses on team play or team work. All must work together in order to achieve success. There is just a huge difference when everyone in the team is involved. This is exactly what this game offers.

Interesting lore

Gone are the days when games have to be great regarding gameplay. Now, developers must ensure that they also develop a lore or story that interests the community. Blizzard succeeds in making this element a reality. Players enjoy the title far beyond its gameplay. They are introduced to character origins, animated shorts, and comics.

This gives “Overwatch” an edge over its competitor. This even goes without saying that the community is fond of promoting fanmade arts and/or skins, among others. This just goes to show how engaged the community is. They have a different avenue to showcase their love towards the game. They are not just about playing the game from the get-go.

It’s well-balanced

One of the things that make “Overwatch” a top-notch is its balanced nature. No character from the roster is better than the other. Everyone has its own counter, and everyone needs to work with teammates in order to win. For instance, Genji is a favorite fan character due to his mobility and skill set. He can climb walls and move from point A to point B with ease.

He is just an interesting hero to play in the game.

While he is a deadly character, he is not really that overpowered. He can easily be defeated by the likes of Hanzo, Tracer, and Winston, among others. Blizzard developed him in such a way that other heroes can counter him despite being mobile. The same can be applied to other characters in the roster. This is a one-of-a-kind gem that most games in the industry fail to offer.