Everyone was surprised when Niantic released three Legendary pocket monsters in “Pokemon GO” recently. Players never expected such move from the studio as they thought these beasts would arrive individually.

Nonetheless, the special creatures are roaming in the world of “Pokemon GO.” One of them is none other than Suicune, which is not as good looking as other Legendary creatures. However, its power is off the charts. Here are some tips on how to capture this elusive beast.

Use the right Pokemon

It is worth noting that Suicune is a water-type creature in the game.

This makes it a simple creature to counter using Pokemon that are under the fire-type category. Apparently though, the task is still not that easy. This Pokemon has a massive Combat Points (CP), which makes it a hard opponent to beat. According to Forbes, one creature that can be at par with Suicune is Raikou. Interestingly, the latter is Suicune’s brother in the game’s lore. It should efficient in frying the said Pokemon.

Pokemon GO” players can also resort to using the likes of Zapdos and Dragonite. The former, in particular, is strong enough to help in catching Suicine. As for Dragonite, this is a no-brainer. This pocket monster is a fire-type, a power enough to fend off the said Legendary Pokemon.

More importantly, Dragonite has some interesting moves to offer. This should make it a worthy opponent.

Remember its capture rate

Sometimes, players fail to realize a Legendary beast’s capture rate in “Pokemon GO.” Hence they end up failing. Suicine, in particular, only has a capture rate of two percent. In a sense, capturing it proves to be an uphill battle.

This is where players will have to make use of items such as Golden Razzberry in each breakout that they can. After which, they can use curveballs, only if they have the skill. Otherwise, they will only be wasting these balls whenever they throw them. Also, it is best to hit the Pokemon with Great throws, not just Excellent throws.

Great throws just produce greater results than the other ones.

It should be noted that Suicune in “Pokemon GO” has a very short charge. So, players must be ready to throw just after it ends. It tends to leap into the air, though the circle seems to remain in place for that specific move. Here, players can hit it right before the leap or right when it lands. Either way, this will produce maximum capture rate. Other than these two is considered luck. At the end of the day, its capture rate depends on a player’s ability to understand its move and anticipate its charge.