Like any other games, DPS characters play an important role in “Overwatch.” They provide the team the damage needed to either advance or defend. Either way, their significance is just as important as any of the heroes.

However, DPS characters are only as good as the player using them in “Overwatch.” Their efficiency, regardless of how powerful they may seem, depends on the user. Below are some tips on how to play DPS heroes the right way.

Target high-valued characters

The opposing team also makes use support characters to help them heal and/or boost.

These are called high-valued characters, as they prove to be crucial in a team’s capacity to survive. This is where DPS heroes should focus their firepower. Their main priority should be eliminating the opposing team’s support heroes such as Mercy, Lucio, and Ana, among others.

So, as much as possible, target these characters in “Overwatch.” They should be eliminated first to ensure that the opponents find it hard to advance or defend. Also, it destabilizes their core defense, as they would rush to help their support members.

Try to flank as much as possible

Most characters in the DPS department are actually flankers. They have skill sets that allow them to move from one place to another with ease.

Take for example Reaper: He can teleport anywhere on the map. He can use the skill to go behind enemy lines and flank opponents. But of course, this can only be successful if the player knows where the best flanking routes are.

The key here, though, is to be familiar with the different maps in “Overwatch.” They are not that massive, though, so it should not be a huge issue.

Also, for the flanker to be successful, he/she must be patient in planning a path. More importantly, the enemy should not notice him/her. Otherwise, the entire plan will fall.

Use firepower for tanks

This is why DPS heroes exist in games like “Overwatch.” Their firepower is helpful in reducing a tank hero’s health points. More importantly, they have the range, damage, and AoE to devastate a defense or offense strategy.

This is where players should pay importance to. As much as possible, they should help the team inflict damages to the opponent team’s tank heroes.

For instance, the enemy has a Reinhardt with them. Obviously, defending against him is quite difficult thanks to his shield. Heroes like Roadhog or even Junkrat cannot inflict massive damages. But when it comes to characters like Soldier: 76 and Reaper, they can easily bring Reinhardt’s shield down. It is just a matter of knowing when to deploy massive firepower.