Finally, Mario has updated his resume after 34 years of his plumbing job. The Japanese site of Nintendo has announced that Mario isn't a plumber anymore. The company updated the description of its beloved character removing the plumber profession from the biography of Mario. But what he does for a living is not clear so far.

Have we ever seen Mario doing plumbing, putting his hands in the sludge, fiddling with pipes? No. The pipes, he prefers is to jump in before leaving to run to the yellow coins. But still! On his official profile, according to a suitable quote from the Kotaku website translated from Japanese, says: "Always very sporty, whether it is tennis or baseball, football or car racing, he [Mario] does everything is cool, because he seems to have been a plumber a long time ago ...


A job glued like a label

The Nintendo's hero was never seen doing plumbing. In fact, in his little story, Mario was first called "Jumpman" and rose out as a carpenter, on the occasion of the game "Donkey Kong", one of the first platform games, released in 1981. Two years later, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's dad and the majority of iconic Nintendo characters, introduced Luigi's character in "Mario Bros."

It is not clear whether Mario's brother Luigi is taking care of plumbing profession on his own. Mario has also been designated as a golfer, go-kart racer, a baseball player, a doctor, stunt bike driver, boxing official and an Olympian in many other games.

Mario's plumber identification also describes his unique relationship with pipes.

Especially the green drainpipes have become so popular. The character existed for three decades as a plumber wiping out the pipes of Mushroom Kingdom. But removing Mario from his plumber profession is a disfavor to the fans who fell in love with the iconic hero long ago before his days of playing tennis, baseball, racing etc.

Mario is 24 years old

Mario is not a plumber until Mario Bros in1983, As the majority of the game being held underground, it had been practical for Nintendo to make him a plumber says its creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Many of his main characteristics, such as being Italian and living in New York, would have been determined by the choice of this job.

Also note that last year, Shigeru Miyamoto, its creator, admitted in an interview that Mario was only 24 or 25 years old.

Mario comes to the gaming consoles in Super Mario Odyssey in October, where he will drive to various worlds to rescue the Princess and fighting against giant turtles.