So finally, the much awaited “Destiny 2” from developer Bungie and publisher Activision is out. Players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have finally experienced what the sequel offers. Unfortunately for those in the PC platform, they will have to wait a couple more of days.

According to PSU, the “Destiny 2” Guided Games has just recently been launched. As expected, it is going to be packed with all the exciting stuff from the developers. For anyone who wants to learn everything about it, check the guide below.

How Guided Games work in the game?

First and foremost, players must unlock the Nightfall Strikes in the game. To do this, they need to complete the Fury campaign, which is in the main story mission of the title. Next, they will have to speak to Commander Zavala, who can be located in the courtyard of the Tower. Lastly, players will have to complete at least two strikes from the in-game playlist. Once these are achieved, they can all easily try out the Guided Games in the sequel.

What are Guided Games?

In the original game, players were not offered with group finding so as to attempt either a raid or the Nightfall. This forced them to figure out their own entire group just before joining. Apparently, though, with Guided Games, things have changed.

Players can now group with another team to complete the aforesaid. It is worth noting that there will be two options if players go with either the Raid or Nightfall screen in “Destiny 2.”

First, they can “Choose to be a Seeker.” The latter is basically a lone player who aims to team up with a fireteam for a Strike or Nightfall.

The “Choose to be a Guide,” on the other hand, is basically a group of two or more participants seeking another participant to join the team for the Raid or Nightfall. It should be noted, however, that half of the team must be from the same clan or group.

The limitation

Bungie promised to upgrade the Guided Games in the near future, but this remains to be seen for now.

This is completely understandable, though, considering it is still in beta. It is expected to be released come September 26. Being a “Guide” is a walk in the park, but being a “Seeker” would mean owning a Guided Games ticket. Otherwise, players will not be able to become one.

What are the tickets?

Apparently, the tickets are only issued to select players – at least, this is how it works for the time being. A player will know if he is selected once Darbi 55-30, the postmaster in the Farm, brings a little gift. This gift turns out to be a container for the ticket.