Microsoft is launching its Xbox One X on November 7, and everyone is talking about what’s considered to be the world’s most powerful console. A year ago in November, Sony upped the competition with the release of its PlayStation 4 Pro. But with the Xbox One X’s imminent release (Forbes reports it’s available for a hefty $499.99 ), the 4 Pro might not be enough to compete with this stellar console.

However, rumors are flying about regarding the release of Sony’s next iteration of its ever-popular gaming system, the PlayStation 5. With the release of the Xbox One X on the horizon, it looks likely that Sony will have to do something soon in order to stay relevant and maintain its high sales.

The PlayStation 4 has been leading in terms of units sold, but that may change.

Sony CEO verifies release of PlayStation 5 in ‘some time’

In an interview with the German tech website,, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden revealed that the tech giant would release the anticipated PS5 in “some time.”

While refusing to give an exact date, let alone a specific year, Layden’s comments reveal that Sony’s plans for the PS5 are in the works. However, to make Layden’s remarks sound even more nebulous and noncommittal, Sony made no mention of the PS5 at its 2017 E3 press conference. The press conference, instead, focused on a number of new game arrivals rolling out within the next year for the PS4 and 4 Pro.

When is the PlayStation 5 arriving?

That leaves us with the question, “When will this newest console arrive?” And with Microsoft poised to dominate the market with the Xbox One X, is Sony dropping the ball?

Analysts are speculating possible release dates for the PlayStation 5. Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities, hypothesizes the PS5’s release will take place in 2018.

Others believe the 5’s release date will be later. Michael Pachter, a serial analyst at Wedbush Securities, believes the PS5 will arrive sometime in 2019. However, Vaughn Highfield of believes the release won’t be until 2020. Furthermore, Sony may hold off on the release of the PS5 until 4K technology becomes more prevalent among consumers.

Opinions regarding the release of the PlayStation 5 certainly vary, and there seem to be a number of issues at play in regards to when Sony might release the PS5. However, we know that the PS5 is in the works. When? We just don’t know.