There is no doubt that “Destiny 2” is one of the most titular titles in recent memory. Its huge following, though, dates back to the original game. Nevertheless, the sequel proved to be a masterpiece, with developer Bungie showing its prowess for the second time around.

According to PSU, the studio just recently revealed the current player count in “Destiny 2.” As expected by many, it is an all-time high. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Player count finally revealed

First and foremost, it should be noted that the player count does not include the PC version of the game.

It is yet to be released and thus the statistics only cover the console version. Last week, the studio announced that the sequel acquired more or less 1.2 million players. Apparently, though, this is not the highest player count of the game. The company recently unveiled the total number of players online at the same time, and it sits at an impressive figure of 1.3 million. For the developer, it is already a “high watermark” for the newly released title.

“That blows our mind,” the “Destiny 2” developer said after revealing the new milestone. This is actually pretty interesting considering the fact that the PC port is not even out yet. Meaning to say, this 1.3 million number will still go higher as soon as Bungie releases the said platform.

This completely coexists with Activision’s claim that the sequel has acquired the largest every day ones sales internationally. It broke the records of their past and current titles, including the original “Destiny” game.

First raid defeated

Meanwhile, Bungie witnessed the defeat of the game’s first raid called Leviathan. It was accomplished by none other than the Legend Himself clan.

Take note that the clan is not entirely new to the community. They are also a well-known group back in the first title’s heyday. They managed to defeat the boss, as each member (a total of six) cooperated. Interestingly, the studio did not expect for such achievement to be reached. They though that the first raid, in one way or another, was difficult enough for players to surpass.

According to Fraghero, Bungie saw the milestone achieved in a livestream featuring the raid fight involving the aforementioned “Destiny 2” clan. The livestreaming was made in the very headquarters of the studio in Seattle. Apparently, the triumph opted the studio to release a brand new Crucible map. Players will definitely be interesting considering it will introduce the player-versus-player mode. Looks like the players will have another reason to play the game.