Final Fantasy 7 Remake” is one of the most anticipated games from Square Enix. With the classic game’s 20th anniversary being celebrated this year, fans expected that the developer would at least give a tentative release window. The Tokyo Game Show is happening this month and fans are speculating that the release date will be announced at the event. However, it appears that it is not going to happen.

Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show is scheduled to take place between September 21 and 24. While the game developer has not yet revealed the list of its activities in one of Japan’s biggest gaming events, there has been heavy speculation that Square Enix will announce the release date of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.” The game developer disclosed the list of games that will be in the Japanese gaming event.

Unfortunately, in a blow to fans, the remake of the classic PlayStation game seems to be not included in the list.


2017 marks the 20th anniversary of “FF 7” in North America. The game was first introduced in Japan in January 1997. It is also the 30th anniversary of the “FF” franchise in the gaming world. It appears, however, that as the year is approaching its final quarter no new information about the upcoming game is available. The last information that Square Enix shared to the fans about the game was the screenshots released in February 2017. Aside from that, the game developer also shared the game’s battle system at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference. Fans were also expecting that more details would be shared during E3 2017.

However, the event just came and went with no new news being revealed.

Release date

There were previous speculations about the release date of the upcoming game. In one of his previous interviews, game director Tetsuya Nomura noted that there will be no new updates for a while. On the other hand, Square Enix head Yosoku Matsuda noted in one of his interviews that the game, along with other titles, would be released in the later part of 2020.

Matsuda’s information means that the game will be released five years after it was first announced, that piece of information disappointed many fans of the popular title.

The game could of course still arrive earlier than the date Matsuda gave. Nomura previously shared that the team is following a timeline in the development process.

However, he underlined that they are doing all they can to bring the game to the fans as early as possible.

Square Enix scheduled the final day at the Tokyo Game Show for the “FF” franchise in celebration of its 30th anniversary. There is still a chance that new information or even the release window for “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” could be announced then.