A few days after releasing an update for their asymmetrical horror title, the game developer is now sharing their future plans for the video game. It appears that the game developer is dead serious with their killing spree in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” However, it seems that they are not into killing Counselors but into taking out the pesky bugs plaguing the game.

Upcoming update

The dev team of “Friday the 13th: The Game” reveals their plans for the next major patch that will be released in the game. On the official game’s forum, team member Gertz shares that they have been working hard to get the clear understanding of the factors that negatively affect the game and its players.

The team member lists the bugs and issues that they plan to address.

Among this includes changes in the Cabin Vegetation, Wood, Rock, Text, and Phantom Door. The dev reveals that the bad merge of content resulted in some issues in the game. The team is altering the internal process of the merges to avoid getting the same problems in the future. Aside from this, Window Changes will also happen in the upcoming patch. The dev has observed that some Jason Vorhees in the game are having a hard time breaking windows.

Other issues that will be fixed in the upcoming game update include Pocket Knife, Jason Stun Lock, and Loading Screen Freeze and Blackscreen. The developer also plans on improving the Performance Issues, Badge Progression, and Matchmaking in the game.

Major changes

The most recent update recently released in the game made significant improvements. Among this includes reducing the size of the map to 40 percent. This allows players to enjoy a more tense environment and faster matches. Aside from smaller maps, the developer also made changes on Team Killing in Public Matches of the game.

Players can no longer go full on Jason Vorhees against other Counselors. However, the dev left the car and the bear trap to be as deadly as ever in the asymmetrical horror title.

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for the release of the Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack. The content will give the Counselors a fresh and new look in their 1984 swim wears.

Gun Media recently released the first Developer Diary of the horror title. It reveals that the developer is working on a new game mode. However, details about this new mode are still unknown, and the developer assured fans that more information would be shared soon.

Friday the 13th: The Game” is now available. Players can play Gun Media and Illfonic’s popular asymmetrical horror title on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.