The highly anticipated EX Raid Battles in “Pokemon Go” is scheduled for testing next week. While fans are waiting for the release of Mewtwo in the game, Niantic Labs reveals the schedule of testing for the new type of Raid. Aside from this, today also marks the arrival of the Travelling legendaries in the game.

EX Raid Battles

In the early part of August, Niantic Labs revealed that “Pokemon Go” will have a new type of Raid (Exclusive Raid Battles). In this brand new raid, only players who are sent invitations can participate. While the game developer did not host the Exclusive raids for the Legendary monster Mewtwo, it seems that it is taking more time to improve the upcoming feature.

The company announced today that the Exclusive Raid Battles would be changed to its official name EX Raid Battles. The announcement also shares that the upcoming raid will undergo a field testing stage to several in-game Gyms before it is officially released globally.

Testing details

The company will send out EX Raid Battle passes to selected trainers soon. The testing could start as early as September 6. This will happen along with the release of the newest Legendary monster in the game. The scheduled testing will further test and improve the entire EX Raid Battle experience. The game developer reveals that the testing will involve making intermittent adjustments to the raid’s eligibility requirements, locations, frequency, and times among others.

It also intends to make the EX Raid Battle experience a rewarding, fun, and engaging feature that players will enjoy.

More Legendary creatures

Meanwhile, the developer of the popular augmented reality game announced that it is adding three more travelling Legendaries in the game. These new Legendaries are Raikou, Suicune, and Entei and will arrive in the game on August 31.

The Legendary Beasts will be available across the globe and will travel for three months. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou were first introduced in the “Gold” and “Silver” titles of the popular franchise. They are known among players as the wandering pocket monsters that roam around the Johto region.

To keep the spirit of the monsters’ first appearances, Niantic Labs made the monsters region-exclusive.

One travelling Legendary will be assigned to North and South America, Europe and Africa, or Australia and Asia. They will be in a rotation in the next three months and will be assigned to a new region at the end of every month. This way, players across the globe will have the chance to catch all the travelling Legendaries before they officially leave “Pokemon Go.”