Studio Wildcard has just announced the next game expansion for their newly released game - "ARK: Survival Evolved." Dubbed "Aberration," the upcoming downloadable content will definitely have its players step up their surviving skills in the dino-laden title.

A whole new world...with a catch

The developer posted the announcement over on "ARK's" Community Forums page as it detailed about the new game segment and what fans will be expecting from it. Per the recent post, players will be delving into a whole new ARK. However, there is a catch to it. The new world has gone haywire resulting in an altered environment.

With its internal atmosphere gone due to some unknown event, its surface is unfit for any species to live on it. Hence, most of the creatures are forced to live underground, not to mention that they seem to have been mutated by the unfortunate event.

A heads up

A short video was also released showing some of the new stuff in the new expansion. Alongside the extreme UV rays from the sun and an unforgiving environment, players will be living in underground communities. Travelling from point to point will be through zip lines, wingsuits, and new tameable creatures.

In line with this, Wildcard also mentioned of a being within the DLC that players should be wary of. Known as "Nameless," this mutation was described as "element-infused humanoids which have evolved into light-hating monstrosities."

Some tameables detailed

New creatures were also tipped.

The teaser trailer featured a Rock Drake where it has the ability to camouflage itself and even glide. There's also a massive Cave Crustacean that can grab small creatures. A Lantern Pug is a good travel buddy especially when players are in very dark areas of the new ARK. The developer also hinted about a Nameless Queen that is also tamable.

It is said that it has the ability to "impregnate" its enemies with "reproductive chest-bursters" that seem to have been inspired by the "Alien" film franchise.

'Aberration' gear

"ARK: Aberration" will be available as a standalone DLC at $19.99. The expansion is also available on both Season Pass and the game's Explorer's Edition.

Players who availed of either of the two will be getting a couple of cool battle gear namely an Aberration sword and helmet. The headdress was made from the ARK's obsidian-like rocks while the blade was forged from crystals that are also found in the ARK.

No definite date for its release was disclosed, though it was stated that it will be out in October. Check out a video about the new game segment here: