Blizzard is known for introducing updates after updates in “Overwatch.” Perhaps the latest and most controversial one is the major rework on Mercy. While some are interested in the new version of the support here, others are simply frustrated.

Interestingly, there is a significant change in “Overwatch” that most players might not have noticed. According to Idle Monkey, the studio just killed basketball in the game. Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Is Basketball dead?

The video game company reportedly introduced a patch that nerfed basketball in the game.

This is basically a mini-game of sorts that can be played in Nepal, one of the game’s maps. Over the course of the game’s existence, players shared tips and experiences in shooting the ball. While there is no reward for hitting the hoop, there seems to be a pleasure from achieving such feature. Unfortunately, this basketball extravaganza in the game might have been removed for good.

The nerf was first noticed by a Reddit user that goes by the username SenpaiiiKush. He claimed that the brand new “Overwatch” patch changed basketball in the game. The changes were meant to tweak the in-game psychics of the game, but it affected the said mini game on the map. As a result, players can no longer put the ball into the basket.

DBLTap, on the other hand, reports that it could be a direct result of a bug. Besides, this is not something new in the game. Bugs often found their way to the title after each update from Blizzard.

The main culprit

The said update came from the game’s Public Test Realm. But if the enthusiasts are right, the bug could have affected the game’s ability to determine the in-game psychics.

Perhaps it is still thinking that the Lucioball psychics is the current system to be utilized. This, in particular, came from the recently concluded Summer Games event in “Overwatch.” Or worse, the developers intentionally removed basketball from the game.

Interestingly, there is a way for players to play basketball. They just basically have to hit the balls from above.

Think of this method as something that is similar to the Lucioball Arcade mode where players boop the huge soccer ball. But if players hit the balls from underneath, it will make no effect. It is worth noting that basketball existed since the release of the game last year. Players have been sharing experiences and tips on social media sites. A popular YouTuber even created a video showcasing the basketball prowess of each character in the game. Well, it seems this “mini-game” will be missed.