Fans of the Pokemon series are in for a treat. The Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Edition: The Official National Pokedex will be released December 12, 2017. This massive book, more than 800 pages long, provides data on all the Pokemon in the National Pokedex, plus their different forms. Along with that, Pokemon enthusiasts can learn which Pokemon evolve and how. There's also a TM and abilities guide in the book.

Reactions to news of the book's release were mixed on the social media platform, Reddit. One user was impressed by the book's size and thought of picking it up for that reason.

Other users expressed disinterest, such as Reddit user Kiga 282 who said:

"I would be a lot more interested in this if it actually was a pokédex - meaning, a page of lore and background information on each pokémon. If this really is just a player guide with stats and abilities and evolution cycles and so on, well, that's what Serebii and Bulbapedia are for, and they generally do it better than these type of guide books.To each their own, though."

New Pokemon games

As the book title suggests, the new National Pokedex book will follow the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in November 2017. We first visited the Alola region in Pokemon Sun And Moon, where we were introduced to new fighting styles and the 'Z' moves.

The new games will take us back to Alola, and promises new adventures, new Pokemon, new characters and new looks for the main heroes.

What hasn't been announced yet is if the new Pokemon games will feature the National Pokedex. Its predecessor only featured the Alolan Pokedex and left the National Pokedex to the Pokemon tie-in, PokeBank.

Reddit users hoped that the new National Pokedex book means the new games will feature the full Pokedex and provide achievements for those who complete it.

If the new games will feature the National Pokedex won't be confirmed until Nintendo or GameFreak give a statement.

Will Pokemon return to Kanto region?

The latest trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon hints at players returning to the Kanto region, reports.

One part of the clip reminded trainers of Lt. Surge's gym from the Kanto region, first seen in the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow games. The game developers have yet to confirm, and we'll have to wait until November 2017 to see if the rumors are true. Until then, you can meet all your favorite Kanto region Pokemon by playing Pokemon Go.