It looks like "Pokemon Go" fans have something to cheer about in the form of latest update rolled out by Niantic. The new update not only comprises the first Mewtwo Exclusive Raids but also includes Raid passes.

It is imperative for every "Pokemon Go" player to download the update in order to continue playing the hit AR (augmented reality) mobile game. In other words, Trainers have to head straight to either Apple or Android app stores before they can continue catching Pocket Monsters.

After the "Pokemon Go" update, Trainers have found that they received an invitation to the game's first Pokemon Go Exclusive Raids, and according to a report from Express, this could imply only one thing.

Mewtwo raids are coming.

Mewtwo Raids

Apparently, Niantic is gearing up to launch the first wave of Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raids for the public. Ex-Raid Passes have been making an appearance in Trainers' Pokemon Journals. In addition to that, they get an invitation to a nearby Raid.

Zealous Trainers have been posting photos of their invites. The first ever Mewtwo battles are slated to take place in Washington and California.

There's a possibility that more and more Exclusive Raid passes will be spotted in several other parts of North America and Europe sooner rather than later.

In order to receive an invitation to participate in an Exclusive Raid Battle, Trainers must first complete a Raid at the Gym where the Ex-Raid is scheduled to take place.

This is unlike existing raids.

The invitation will reveal exactly when the Exclusive Raid will occur, with Mewtwo being the first monster that Trainers will have an opportunity to lock horns with.

What else to expect?

The game developer warrants the arrival of other strong Pokemon that will hatch from the Raid Eggs located at Exclusive Raid Battles.

This is likely to take place in the next few weeks, although Niantic continues to keep details about the upcoming monsters under wraps. The development team confirmed the first invite would be sent out sometime around Wednesday, September 6.

Earlier in August, Niantic announced that the Legendary Pokemon would be traveling all over the globe, and it will soon kick off an EX Raid Battle (F.K.A.

Exclusive Raid Battle) field-testing phase at selected Gyms before the feature rolls out globally.

The company has also compiled some helpful early feedback centering on the EX Raid Battle feature and will continue to test and enhance the experience with the help of the feedback of the loyal global Trainer community.

In a bid to make the EX Raid Battle feature more rewarding, engaging and fun for Trainers who participate in Raid Battles on a regular basis, the development team will be making periodic modifications to EX Raid eligibility requirements.

The first EX Raid Passes will be launched soon. Trainers who have received the invitation will get an opportunity to tryout the new system on September 6.