New information surfaced today claiming that Bungie might be adding Private Matches in “Destiny 2.” There was no private match when the game was officially launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will not be introduced anymore. Recently, some players noticed an in-game icon that triggered the latest speculations about the feature. If the latest discovery is to be believed, it seems that the much-awaited Private Matches is just around the corner.

Latest hint

Several “Destiny 2” players are recently speculating on the possible infusion of Private Matches into the game.

While there are some who are skeptical about it, Bungie appears to have already hinted this is the most requested feature in-game.

The hint that most players are referring to, can be found when visiting Lord Shaxx in the new Tower. There are three screens each containing an icon. One screen contains the icon for Quickplay while the other screen has the icon for Competitive. Interestingly, the third screen contains the icon used for Private Matches in the first game installment.

To some players, this is already a giveaway hint that the most requested feature will soon be introduced in the game. It is hard to imagine that after the positive response of the players when the feature was introduced in the first game installment, Bungie would not continue it.

PVP Matches

During the first game installment, it took Bungie almost three years to introduce Private Matches. This feature enabled players to form groups for distinct PvP titles using their own rules. In addition, the feature allowed the first game installment to back tournaments and eSports.

It is vital that the game developer would soon add this feature to the game to take advantage of the eSports and Tournament scene.

While it was introduced in the first game installment, it was not able to find a spot in the range of “CS: GO,” and “Call of Duty” to name a few. It could the best time to reintroduce the feature in the new installment because it now has a PC support.

Launch Date

While Bungie has not yet announced the arrival of the feature, some fans are already speculating on its potential launch date.

According to several claims, most likely, the feature was not included in the game’s console launch because the developer would like to have it released alongside the game’s PC version. The game is scheduled to release on PC on October 24. Based on the claims, most likely, Private Matches will be launched on that same day.

It appears that Private Matches will definitely arrive in “Destiny 2.” For now, fans could just wait for the time that Bungie would announce its arrival.