Destiny 2” has a plethora of exciting missions and raids. The second game installment from Bungie has a plethora of challenging activities for its players to complete. This includes the Trials of the Nine, the popular Leviathan Raid, and the Prestige Nightfall.

Among the activities mentioned, the Prestige Nightfall is the most challenging according to most players. Some call it the hard mode within the hard mode. This requires timing, communication, and a high Power Level. Players who can complete the Prestige Nightfall will get a special Aura.

Also, a Trophy or an Achievement will be given as a reward. In this article, you will get several tips and tricks on how to complete the hard mode.

Latest tips

There are several things worth noting before proceeding to the game’s hard mode. This includes the fact that the current Nightfall in “Destiny 2” is called The Inverted Spire. Even though the degrees of every Nightfall vary every week, the strategies are still applicable. The mode is on a timer and can be increased by the Timewarp modifier.

This modifier entails you to complete a particular task, which will add extra seconds to the timer. In addition, the loadout is locked in this mode. This means that when you start the Prestige, you can no longer alter your subclass or weapons.

In this mode, planning is vital. Moreover, you can only play this mode when your Power Level is at 300. It is also possible to enter the mode with a team composed of power levels such as 270, 280, and 290. However, in this kind of setup, mileage may vary.

Setup and Timers

In this mode, the Prism causes a rotating elemental damage, and it is vital that the team evenly covers all the elements.

In setting up your team, it is important to have a Void and Arc, Solar and Arc, and Void and Solar weapons. This three-way setup safeguards that a couple of players are dealing maximum damage in every phase of the element.

To extend your Timer, kill all the enemies first before launching the Timewarp Rings. This way, you can be assured of your safety while gathering time buffs.

This buff adds 30 more seconds to the in-game timer. Make sure everything is killed before jumping into the first one as the rings do not surface until you jump into the first one.

There are ways on how to pass through the rings. You can fight the Vex in the first cave. Another is out in the open battlefield prior to crossing the drill. The last way is in the drilling site where the arms of the drill spin.

Get to the Boss

Upon starting the Nightfall, get one person to bypass the beginning. It can be done by using a Sparrow to fly on the cliff. Use the Vex Cannons to enter the area. The two other players must clear out the starting point and call Ghost to make a way. This will maximize your time and get a couple of jobs done at once.

Leave one player in the top in the cavern; assign another one to the right platform, and the other player down. Destroy enemies then everyone must start gathering the rings speedily. In the main battlefield, attack the Cabal Majors using the gaps while maximizing damage by utilizing elemental weapons. As soon as the enemies are killed, destroy the Cabal found in the center and start collecting rings.

Activate the terminal by jumping across towards the drill, killing the enemies, and dropping down. You can also allow yourself to die and then respawn at this point. If you respawn, you can stay up the top while the percentage of hacking increases. After it is completed, jump down to the cannon.

Boss Fight

Use elemental weapons on the first phase to burn the boss down. Try to save Supers for the final battle since Orbs of Light or kill is limited in this phase. Harpies can reduce your health easily, be cautious of the Void Damage Cycle. On the second phase, the boss will slam to create lava.

You have to jump to avoid the damage, stay on the outside part and use grenades and weapons to burn him down. In the final phase, do not activate your Super immediately. Wait for the damage cycle to begin to maximize your damage output. Try to provide Orbs of Light to your allies since it will be helpful in killing the boss.

Take note that the Prestige Nightfall is easier to complete if your power level is closer to 300. “Destiny 2” is now out and can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game’s PC version will be out on October 24, 2017.