Console players of "Destiny 2" are already exploring the second first-person shooter title from Bungie. The game developer released the first raid in the game called the Leviathan Raid in the early part of the week and fans are busy completing the task before them.

New content has been introduced in the game recently. Players who are into PvP will surely be delighted as Bungie releases the Trials of the Nine. Crucible players are set for another high-end challenge. However, the new mode will only be available for a limited time and will only be accessible to several players.


The latest content in “Destiny 2” dubbed as Trials of the Nine is not available to all players. There are a lot of pre-requisites that players have to meet to access it. As a 4v4 mode, Bungie describes the trial as high-intensity. For the players to participate, they should have to complete the campaign first. Also, players must have the Call to Arms Milestone at least once. Moreover, the player's power level must be at least 260. Call to Arms Milestone can be achieved by playing enough Crucible matches before the game resets.

What is the new trial all about?

In this new trial, players will not be playing Elimination but will instead face a mode and a map that rotates every week.

For this week the new trial features the Countdown mode and the Eternity map. In Trials of the Nine in “Destiny 2,” the loadabout of each player is locked out at the start of the match. This means that weapons will no longer be changed at any point in the match.

As the player begins the mode, a Trials Card will automatically start and will highlight the particular destination on the map.

Participants are required to get at least seven wins before achieving three losses including a built-in Mercy that removes one loss. The objective of the mode is to fill the card flawlessly without getting any losses. However, any player who is able to achieve at least one win on the Trials of the Nine is given access to the new social space dubbed as The Spire.

In other words, the more win a player gets, the more access he has to The Spire.

The Spire

The new social space is called The Spire. It is an open space with white sand. There is an Emissary that players can interact to, which serves as a vendor for the Trials of the Nine Mode. In this social space, players can turn in the tokens they earned from the latest mode and increase the reputation of The Emissary. “Destiny 2” will be available to PC players starting October 24, 2017.