"Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite" has been a long time coming with its predecessor released back in 2011. Made available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 19th, the big budget crossover failed to crack the Top 10 in the UK sales charts for the week ending on the 23rd.

While North American sales have yet to be released, this does not bode well for the high-profile fighter. Entering a genre which is already oversaturated, with "Tekken 7" already available and "Dragon Ball FighterZ" being the subject of a fair amount of hype, Capcom needed a bit of buzz to develop around "Marvel Vs.

Capcom: Infinite;" which, unfortunately, has not come to pass.


"Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite" currently sits with a mixed reception on Steam, and already received a 35% price cut for the PC market. Considering how fresh out of the gate the game is, it is a bit shocking to see such a huge sale so early on.

Capcom's fourth entry into the series has not exactly blown away critics, with most praising the gameplay while lambasting the lackluster presentation. In comparison to "Injustice 2" or "Tekken 7," the design of the characters fails to leave much of a lasting impression.

Reviews on Steam mostly complain about the short runtime, suggesting there simply is not enough content here to warrant paying $60.

The future of Capcom's product rests on the shoulder of its multiplayer, which is not very active for a game which just launched.

"Infinite" has no crossplay at the moment and combined with the not-so-great sales, the multiplayer is hardly off to a great start. In such a competitive genre, character balance is also very important, something which is not too wonderful in the series' latest outing.

Not worth a buy?

Thankfully, the gameplay is pretty fluid and entertaining, but it takes a lot more than just that to save a fighting game. Although the sales might improve as they go along, "Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite" is not really receiving positive word of mouth, and it feels like a game destined to be forgotten.

With the discounts already placed on it, we recommend waiting for a few months, as an even bigger discount could be on the horizon.

Hopefully, the multiplayer will be still somewhat active by then. In good news, the PC port is pretty decent and the game runs well enough, it just does not look particularly impressive. The single-player story is short and rather forgettable, serving as a tutorial for the online component.