Destiny 2” has just been out for like two weeks, but it is already gaining massive success. In fact, new milestones have been reached already, with the latest being its player count. This is quite fascinating considering that the game’s PC version is not yet to be out.

According to PSU, publisher Activision recently revealed that hit shooter game “Destiny 2” has reached a new milestone. This time around, it reflects the ongoing sales of the title. Well, here is everything about this interesting update from the company.

Sales are on fire

This is exactly what Activision said: the sequel and its sales are “on fire.” The company also revealed that the follow-up game has become the biggest console title launch week of the entire year.

Although it is past two weeks, developer Bungie and publishing company Activision are already riding the success of the game. In a press release, the video game company announced that the sequel has acquired the “largest ever day one sales globally.” This record, though, is set for the PlayStation Store.

Talking about the original game and its engagement, “Destiny 2” has easily swept it. Its digital sales, in particular, continues to grow. It is even expected to exponentially increase as soon as the game’s PC version comes out. Activision’s very own CEO Eric Hirshberg and Bungie CEO Pete Parsons can’t hide their contentment and excitement. Hirshberg was even confident that the game would soon become the biggest title events of the year.

This is not a surprise, though, considering the efforts the developers did. They made sure that the community would love every tiny piece of detail in the game.

Player count of the game

Last week, Activision revealed that “Destiny 2” has reached the million mark. It sat at 1.2 million players from across the globe. But interestingly, the publisher later on announced this week that the sequel topped the said figure.

The follow-up game now has 1.3 million players all over the world. The company said that such figure is already a “high watermark” for them. While there’s every reason for the developers to celebrate, this historic record is expected to be surpassed. That is because the PC version of the game is just weeks away from release.

As soon as it arrives, the sequel’s player count will exponentially increase.

Meanwhile, “Destiny 2” is currently the number one console-only game being viewed the most on Twitch. The sequel, including its two betas, managed to acquire over 600 million minutes watched on the said platform. The sequel is definitely huge and it is helping making Activision even richer.