This part of the article is as weird as it gets. Quite a number of "Pokemon GO" trainers in Russia came to a conclusion that their government may be up to something as their gameplay was allegedly disrupted by it.

Something shady

"Pokemon GO" players residing in Central Moscow are made to believe that a so-called cyberweapon is being developed by their government as the GPS feature on their smartphones suddenly went haywire. These trainers claim that, while they were playing the AR title, they soon discovered that the game's GPS placed them at Vnukovo Airport and eventually barred them from playing it.

Dot Esports also noted that GPS spoofing has been a growing concern within Russia's capital as smartphone users were constantly given the wrong GPS coordinates whenever they use location-based applications. That being said, University of Texas Professor Todd Humphreys believe that Russia is devising a GPS spoofing system that aims in disrupting potential cyber threats towards their country.

Fans might remember that Niantic made some tweaks within "Pokemon GO" to somehow alleviate the growing concerns of spoofing within the game. Now that this issue has been brought to light, the developer has to beef up yet again as their player base in Moscow are unable to play the game.

No more EX Raids

Meanwhile, Niantic has announced that they will be canceling the EX Raid test runs in Japan.

The reason behind the cancellation is still unclear, though the developer explained that they are be ditching the test runs "due to difficulty for players to arrive at specified time." The game maker further explained that they might cancel other EX Raid tests in future without prior notice.

Players in the U.S. are quite irked with the upcoming feature.

This is due to the fact that Niantic did not roll out the requisites on how to get an invite for the raid. Hence, players are spending most of their time outdoors in hopes that an invite might be sent to them. Until Niantic shells out the process on how to get an invite for the EX Raids, the beta testing for this game feature will remain chaotic.

Double Stardust...finally

"Pokemon GO's" Equinox event will officially kick off today at 1 p.m. PDT as trainers will be rewarded with twice the amount of Stardust whenever they hatch eggs or catch Pokemon. Special two-kilometer eggs will also be spawning on PokeStops and gyms during the event where players get the chance to hatch monsters like Mareep, Larvitar, and Chansey.

Now that this event is about to go live, some trainers believe that a major update will follow as this has been observed by most players. Rumor mills are suggesting that Niantic might finally release "Pokemon GO's" gen 3 monsters.

The Equinox event will go on from September 22 until October 2.