Shortly after the release of Leatherface as the Chapter 6 killer in Dead by Daylight,” a data miner uncovered interesting game files from the latest DLC. The newly mined information seems to suggest who will be the next killer to arrive in the well-received asymmetrical horror video game from Behaviour Interactive.

Just last week, the game developer introduced the face-wearing villain and horror icon from "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" films, Leatherface. Apparently, it only took a short while for avid players to discover who will be the next killer to bring more spine-chilling horror in the game soon.

The next killer

Via Reddit, the data miners shared what they reportedly found in the game’s files. The details of the leak are given below:

New DLC:

  • 700280 – Cannibal Leatherface Done (chapter 6)

Upcoming DLC:

  • 700281 – One Female Survivor Kate D. (chapter 6)
  • 700282 – the Whole Chapter featuring The Sandman as the killer and new survivor. (Chapter 7)

Notably, there are two DLC packs still on the queue based on the leaked info. The first one will add Kate D. as a female survivor of Leatherface in Chapter 6. The second one will introduce a new survivor whose name is not yet revealed along with “The Sandman” as the new killer in Chapter 7.

The Sandman is Freddy Krueger

As per MMO Examiner, the new leak spurs speculation among the fans that the “The Sandman” will pave the way for the inclusion of infamous antagonist of “Nightmare on Elm Street,” Freddy Kruger.

Many believe that “The Sandman” serves as a codename for Krueger since he also invokes dreams. But if not, it is plausible that the new killer could be loosely based on Freddy.

This leak, however, remains unconfirmed and everyone should wait for the official details from the development team regarding the upcoming DLC.

Leatherface DLC available

For the time being, the avid horror game fans can enjoy playing the newest playable killer, Leatherface, who is available now on PC for $3.99. The latest character DLC does not have a release date yet on Xbox One and PS4, but Behaviour Interactive said it would be out “soon.”

Meanwhile, now is the perfect time for players to grab a copy of the asymmetric survival horror video game if they do not own one yet.

The PS4 deals this week offer the title at its cheapest ever, with a $10 price off from its regular price.

"Dead by Daylight" is a multiplayer 4v1 horror game that is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.