The first look photos of the "WWE 2K18" show lifelike graphics that are better than last year’s “Wwe 2K17.” Thanks to the incredible new graphics engine, the latest iteration of the series features advanced lighting, realistic skin as well as impressive camera effects.

Seth Rollins screenshots look stunning

The first look teaser photos of the “WWE 2K18” are out now and fans are hyped. The cover superstar Seth Rollins first posted one of the images featuring himself on his Twitter account.

Apparently, the first screenshot proves the notable changes in the game’s graphics department with the use of the new engine.

Rollins looks stunning in his lifelike image in the latest installment of the franchise.

Another teaser photo of Rollins also appeared on the WWE 2K official Twitter account, which is also shown below.

New vs. old

The two images in high resolution surely looked impressive that even Rollins himself said he was stoked and blown away. But how does “WWE 2K18” fare vis-à-vis its predecessor title, the “WWE 2K17?”

Game pundits took an effort to make a side-by-side comparison of the screenshots of Rollins from either of the two games to see the difference. There is no doubt that the new vs. old image indicates big improvements.

While the degree of the detail seemed similar, the new game obviously has better and advanced lighting contrary to the previous title.

Also, the skin textures now look more natural as well as opposed to past games.

Now that the teaser photos are already out, it won’t take long for the wrestling fans to see the first gameplay trailer. Hopefully, it will be out shortly.

Cena (Nuff) edition

In more news, 2K recently announced the Cena (Nuff) Edition, featuring the legendary 2017 Royal Rumble champion John Cena on the cover.

The Collector’s Edition sold at a hefty price of $149.99 is packed with his two playable versions including exclusive collectible items with his autograph, a Cena action figure by Mattel and other extras.

But aside from Cena, this limited edition features playable legends, Dave Batista and Rob Van Dam. This special pack also contains the two playable versions of pre-order bonus character, Kurt Angle.

Release date

2K announced that the "WWE 2K18" will hit Xbox One and PS4 on October 17, 2017. The Nintendo Switch version does not have a concrete release date yet, but it is set to reach the hybrid console within fall.

A PC version is not confirmed at this time, but as the past titles, it is plausible to arrive at a later date.