Six years after its release, Valve has posted a new trailer for "Dota 2." The studio is not usually known for being active in marketing their games. However, it seems that due to its relatively competitive community and steep learning curve that often scare newcomers, releasing a new promotional material is a welcome decision.

‘Join the Battle’ trailer

The trailer was uploaded on Dota 2’s official Youtube channel Friday last week. Simple in concept, it starts off by showing a few popular heroes in a Battle while surrounded by mist. It also shows a few quotes from popular reviews of the game all over the clip.

It appears that the trailer’s goal is to entice the viewers to play the game and to hook unfamiliar people to try it. You can watch the trailer below.


Dota 2 has a reputation of having a very competitive and passionate community. With its complicated gameplay that demands hundreds of hours to understand and seasoned players that started playing the game way back during the “Warcraft” days, it’s not hard to imagine the struggle that new players encounter. Add to that the inclusion of the Ranked system, and you have a community of critical players that don’t tolerate mistakes that often lead to a loss in their record.

Because of this, Valve decided to fix the problem with a few tweaks in their latest update.

Firstly, they introduced the limitation to the number of heroes the new players with new accounts could use. Right now, newbies can only use 20 heroes during their first 25 games. These 25 heroes are curated for new players who are just beginning to learn the ropes of the game. Gone is the time of encountering a newbie player using Techies.

The second change is the overhaul in the Matchmaking system. Right now, new players are more likely to get matched with players with better behavioral scores. This allows them to give the newbies a better environment during their first few games which is very necessary during the learning phase. After all, the last thing the new players need is to get insulted because of committing a mistake out of lack of knowledge about the game.

It’s no secret that Dota 2 is a complex game. And with its growing community (which is already large, to begin with), attracting all sorts of players is an inevitable outcome. Fortunately, it appears that Valve is at least taking some steps to give the new players a warm welcome in the best way they can.