2K has officially announced the Collector’s Edition of the “WWE 2K18” called the Cena (Nuff) Edition featuring the 2017 Royal Rumble champion, John Cena. This limited edition of the series is offering a wealth of collectible items, with Cena’s autograph and more.

The pre-order of the Collector’s Edition for PS4 and Xbox One is up now at various giant retailers’ websites like Amazon at a hefty price around $149.99. But it is surely worth it, given the DLC bonuses and other extras included in this special pack.

What’s included

The Cena (Nuff) Edition will contain the main the game, a season pass for all of its upcoming DLC plus John Cena who will be available in two playable versions: 2006 ECW One Night Stand and 2010 Wrestlemania 26.

Other than Cena, Batista and Rob Van Dam are also included as playable legends. Gamers who opt to buy the Collector’s Edition will get the Kurt Angle in two playable versions, 2001 "American Hero" and 2006 "Wrestling Machine."

Fans will have the 2017 Royal Rumble champion action figure made by Mattel, including a signed photo from his victory in the latest championship fight. Not to mention, the inclusion of freebies offered to gamers who will avail of this pack.

Release date

Meanwhile, the Standard Edition, both its physical and digital copies will be out on October 17, 2017. The pre-order of this pack entitles players to get Kurt Angle as a bonus character.

The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, offers a four-day early access, which means that players can get their hands on the game beginning October 13.

It is also packed with a season pass as well as digital content from the Collector’s Edition.

Improvements and new features

This year, fans will see some notable improvements, with the 8-man battles, new modes, and MyCareer story. There will also be an expansion of creation suite, and some enhancement to the grappling system.

It is expected that there is an upgrade in its graphics department, promising a more life-like visual featuring new skin shaders and real time reflections. 2K said that just like the past WWE 2K games, the latest entry in the franchise will also see the biggest roster of playable characters.

"WWE 2K18" will be launched on Xbox One, PS4 on October 17 and the game is also the first to return on the Nintendo Switch after five long years. The release date on the hybrid Nintendo console is not yet concrete but it is slated in fall 2017.