2K Games has recently teased a behind-the-scenes motion capture session for the “WWE 2K18” that offers a glimpse at the development side before its release in Autumn. Also, former superstar TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd has confirmed his addition to the latest iteration of the series.

Tyson Kidd joins roster

Tyson Kidd is one of the first Wrestling superstars to announce his inclusion to the official roster of “WWE 2K18.” While the injured wrestler is still recuperating from the severe physical damage he incurred during his fight with Samoa Joe, he will wrestle again in the virtual arena of the next WWE 2K video game.

On his official Twitter account, Wilson confirmed that he will be part of the lineup of the playable characters when an avid fan asked the Canadian star if he will appear in the new title.

For the uninitiated, the wrestling superstar has not been fighting in the WWE ring for more than two years as he suffered a critical spine injury that could have cost his life. It did cost him his wrestling career and he will no longer be back to fight in the arena.

To recall, Kidd was in a fight as Cesaro’s tag team partner but it was an unfortunate night for him when Samoa Joe beat him with the Muscle Buster move. It severely injured his neck and back and he will probably never fight ever again in his entire life.

His injury was such major spine damage that there is only a five percent chance of survival. It was even compared with what happened to Superman actor Christopher Reeves. The actor was paralyzed from the neck down when he broke his spine in a horse riding accident.

Kidd’s career has reached an endpoint but his avid fans will still be able to reminisce his glorious wrestling days in this year’s installment of the franchise and that sounds pretty exciting.

His confirmation adds him to the official list of playable fighters in “WWE 2K18,” and now joins cover star Seth Rollins as well as the pre-order bonus character, Kurt Angle.

Behind-the-scenes motion capture session

2K Games has yet to launch a gameplay trailer for the new WWE 2K game. In its bid to whet the appetite of fans, it has released developer diary videos that show off how the game is done at the studio.

The second episode is out now and it revealed a snippet of a motion capture session in creating every WWE superstar to be featured in the game.

“WWE 2K18” will be launched on October 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch while the PC version is expected to arrive later.

Watch Episode 2 of the Dev Series below.