Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege season 3 will officially start in late August as the game's Operation Health ends and Operation Blood Orchid begins. But first, Ubisoft will fully reveal the details on what the players can expect from the new season next week.

Season 3 map teased

In the latest teaser for “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” Season 3, Ubisoft confirmed that it will launch the Operation Blood Orchid in the last week of August. The game publisher also announced that the full details will be disclosed at Gamescom 2017, the biggest gaming convention held in Europe held each year.

Gamescom 2017 is set to take place from August 22 up to August 26 at Koelnmesse Expo Grounds, Cologne, Germany.

The said announcement will be happening during Rainbow Six Pro League Finals on August 26. Eight teams coming from North America, Latin America, and European regions will vie for the championship and ultimately win the $237,500 prize pool.

Check out the new Blood Orchid map teaser below.

As shown in the sneak peek, players will explore a deserted amusement park in Hong Kong in the upcoming season.

Operation Blood Orchid begins

The Operation Health brought in a plethora of tweaks, bug fixes, and other gameplay improvements in the game. The recently released Update 2.2.2 is the final suite of changes implemented by Ubisoft that shall lay the foundation for Season 3.

Operation Blood Orchid is coming next in the game.

The concrete details, however, have to be revealed yet in full next week.

It is expected that Season 3 will add two new Hong Kong operators along with their corresponding new maps and two Polish operators. These new set of content will be accessible for all season pass holders starting August 29 and will be released to the rest of the players on September 5 for a certain price.

Three operators leaked

But even before the August 26 full reveal of Operation Blood Orchid, a fresh leak via Reddit named the three operators that will be introduced in Season 3. The leak claimed that the two Hong Kong operators are known as Ying and Lesion while the third is the Polish operator named Ela.

But just like any leak, this piece of information must be taken with a grain of salt, and it is better to wait for the official announcement from Ubisoft.

Lastly, players will need at least 15GB free space to download the Season 3 of “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.