Blizzard Entertainment has been working for an “Overwatchreport system for a long time. Finally, the developer announced that a new report system will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The new feature will be available once the Patch 1.14 goes live. So, cheating “Overwatch” players should better watch out, and try not to get caught.

How to use the report system?

Last month, Jeff Kaplan stated in an “Overwatch” forum that the report system is extremely challenging to develop. To complete it, Blizzard’s team must work outside the “Overwatch” game client and in conjunction with Sony and Microsoft.

The new feature has been the developer’s priority since there are several players showing bad behavior in the game.

According to a report from PlaystationLifestyle, Blizzard received player complaints about its report system before. Players claim that the report system does not tackle enough in-game issues. But the new report system will send email notifications that will at least assure players their complaints have been recognized, and the developer will surely do something about it.

Patch 1.14 modes and maps

The patch 1.14 will also introduce new maps and game modes. The modes will be a free-for-all Deathmatch and a Team Deathmatch. The said modes are currently under testing on “Overwatch” Public Test Region, and exclusively on Windows PC.

The additional map is called Chateau Guillard, which is the Widowmaker’s family estate.

The deathmatch mode is composed of seven players. The first player who gets twenty points will win the game. Points can be acquired by killing other players. But if a player kills himself, a point will be deducted. The top four players of the game will have the opportunity to earn points through an arcade loot box.

The team deathmatch on the other hand will consist of two teams. Each of the team will have six players. The first-team that could reach thirty points will win the game. Points will be taken away from the other team's point count if a player uses mercy's resurrection ability.

Moving around the Chateau Guillard would be extremely challenging because of the steep drop-offs.

But there are jump-pads scattered around the area. The jump-pads will allow the players to jump high into the air so that they can see the surroundings and navigate easily. Buffs to the heroes like Roadhog, Junkrat, and Orisa are also scheduled and are currently being tested.