Injustice 2 is among the many titles that will make a big appearance at Gamescom 2017 set in Cologne, Germany next week. NetherRealm Studios will reveal the next three DLC characters in Fighter Pack 2 at Europe's biggest gaming convention that will open on Tuesday, August 22.

Ed Boon drops cryptic teaser photo

Via his official Twitter account, game director Ed Boon confirmed that Fighter Pack 2 full reveal will take place at Gamescom 2017. He also teased his followers with a cryptic photo that spawned various speculations on who will be the next DLC characters coming in the DC fighting title.

Solomon Grundy

The most popular guess among the fans is that it could likely be Solomon Grundy, the fictional character and super villain in the DC Comics universe. This guess is based on the silhouette of what looks to be a colossus and heavy figure shown in the forefront of the picture.

Also, Solomon Grundy has several swords showing up on his back and shoulders that match what can be seen in the said image.


While some are betting for Solomon Grundy, others think that it could be Spawn, with his huge and distorted body. This character has been long-rumored to become a part of NetherRealm Studios video games, even in “Mortal Kombat X.”

Wonder Woman character

However, game pundits took an effort to enhance the photo and brighten it up a bit, which led the fans to more clues.

What appears to be a gigantic back of a potential DLC character now looks like a large and thick concrete with some steel sticking out from the side. Notably, there is a spear buried in the right part of the rubble, which possibly hints Black Manta’s trident.

But since Black Manta is as almost good as a confirmed DLC character, it is deemed plausible that it could be someone else’s weapon.

Some are guessing that the spear has a reference to Wonder Woman. Perhaps, a key character like Ares could be on the way to “Injustice 2,” given the latest film’s massive success at the box office.

Fans must note, however, that all these are mere speculations at this point and must be taken with a grain of salt. It is best to wait for the big announcement at Gamescom 2017 next week to find out who will be the next three DLC characters that will be added in Fighter Pack 2.

“Injustice 2” is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC version has not yet been officially announced, although, in earlier reports, Boon hinted that a PC support could likely happen in the near future.