It cannot be denied that dive comp is the popular team comp in “Overwatch” right now. It has steadily become the meta in the past few months. Players just love the exciting this composition offers, let alone the win rate.

However, not everyone is fond of dive comp in “Overwatch.” They are just sick and tired of seeing this comp over and over again. Some are even getting frustrated because they are having a hard time countering it. Well, below are tips on how to counter dive comp heroes effectively.

Stay together as much as possible

The reason why dive comp is so effective is because of its ability to eliminate opponents quickly.

Remember, this comp makes use of high mobile characters such as Winston, Genji, and Tracer. These characters are able to move from point A to point B with ease. Hence they can appear right in front of an opponent and kill them.

This is where players need to be intact if they want to counter dive comp in “Overwatch.” The key is to stay together and try to cover each other. If a Winston dives right into a Mercy, allies can easily defend her since she is within reach. But if she is quite far, the possibility of her getting eliminated is high.

Defend high-valued characters

Again, the main priority of dive comp characters is to eliminate the opponents’ high valued characters. They want to finish support or utility heroes, so they can easily advance or defend.

Once these characters die, the remaining characters will find it hard to withstand attacks since no one is healing or boosting them. The key to counter this is to simply look after the high-valued characters. Make sure that, say, a Mercy or Ana is well-covered.

If an enemy Genji tries to attack Ana, go ahead and defend her.

Make sure that she gets covered, so she can continue providing support. This is even best if two allies help in defending high-valued characters. This is not a difficult task anyway.

Do not overextend

First and foremost, overextend here refers to “Overwatch” players who go beyond the ideal range. For instance, Hanzo might tend to go after a certain opponent just to kill him/her.

But unfortunately, he is far from his teammates reach, allowing the opposing team to eliminate him quickly. Overextension just gives the dive comp an edge, as their goal of eliminating heroes one by one has been achieved. So, as much as possible, do not overextend most especially when defending a point. Once the defense breaks, it will give the opponents a window to penetrate.