There is no doubt that “Overwatch” is a great game. Otherwise, it would not achieve prominent success in the gaming industry. Still, at the end of the day, it also experiences in-game issues.

However, these issues have drawn the attention of the “Overwatch” community. Many are now complaining of the game’s stability, asking Blizzard to fix it. Apparently, this is not the only are the studio needs to cover. Below are three reasons why players are starting to dislike the game.

Connectivity or stability issue

As mentioned, players are starting to get dissatisfied with the game’s stability.

There have been numerous counts of connectivity issues recently. In fact, the most memorable one was when Doomfist arrived in the game. The servers were just not able to take the load, as millions of players log all at once to play the anticipated hero.

Perhaps Blizzard did not expect a massive crowd to log into “Overwatch.” But as a studio who developed the most exciting shooter title, they should have. Or at least, they anticipated such scenario. Because if they did, the server instability would have not happened at all.

The level of toxicity

This one here is not really the fault of Blizzard. At the end of the day, a player’s in-game behavior is all it takes to reach a certain level of toxicity.

But unfortunately, the level is just too high that even the brightest players are getting affected. People are suddenly leaving matches early, while others talk trash with their teammates or opponents.

So why did this happened? Because the studio was not quick enough to upgrade the penalty system. Sure, the source of toxicity is not theirs from the start; however, it is Blizzard’s responsibility to destroy its root.

Toxic players are not even afraid to get reported because the said system is just too soft. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the studio is fully aware of this. Perhaps in the next few weeks or so, changes on the penalty system will arrive.

Unsatisfactory tweaks or changes

Players know that from time to time Blizzard tweaks or updates characters and in-game settings.

They know that this is the studio’s way of keeping “Overwatch” well-balanced. But unfortunately, some updates are just not likeable. Take for instance the balance update they did to Roadhog. Thanks to it, he is no longer capable of using his popular one-hit hook combo. Rather, they made him tankier in the cost of reducing his damage. For players – most especially those who main Roadhog – the change is quite alarming. They just feel like the studio is introducing tweaks that are not entirely significant.