Halloween comes earlier indeed for PS4 players of “Dead by Daylight” with the release of Halloween DLC available now on Sony’s current-gen console. However, it will arrive a bit later for those on Xbox One.

Free update arrives on PS4 but not on Xbox One

The game developer launched the Halloween DLC on PS4 versions two days ago, August 25. This pack was initially released for PC gamers, so those on Xbox One will apparently get to have it last.

Behaviour Interactive did not reveal the official Release Date on Microsoft’s current-gen console, but hopefully, it will come soon enough before the delay angers some gamers.

What’s in the Halloween DLC

This free DLC pack features murderer Michael Myers, the iconic serial killer in the slasher “Halloween” film franchise. This fictional film character lived in the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, and at a young age, he killed his older sister, Judith, proving to be a sociopath with no feelings whatsoever.

The DLC also comes with a Haddonfield map along with survivor, Laurie Strode. Strode is the main protagonist of the horror movie series played by veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis in the originals and Scout Taylor-Compton in the remake.

These new characters for the game have their own unique set of abilities. The popular “final girl” Laurie, for example, becomes stronger as more and more of her friends get killed.

On the other hand, Michael Myers has this “obsession” perk. He gets obsessed with one survivor, with the perks based on whether this person is still alive.

In the Halloween DLC of “Dead by Daylight,Myers is not called by his real name, but he is known as “The Shape.” It’s the name indicated in the credits and the script and is also what the character was called in the original movies.

Lullaby from the Dark Chapter release date

Meanwhile, the game developer has not provided a new update yet regarding the release date of Lullaby from the Dark chapter for Xbox One and PS4. But in earlier reports, the studio said that this DLC would be out this month.

So, it is plausible that it will be launched this week before August ends.

If not, it means the release date will be delayed, perhaps in September.

The Lullaby from the Dark chapter introduces the Huntress as the new killer and a new map called Mother's Dwelling. It is available now on PC.

Dead by Daylight” is playable on Xbox One, PS4, PC/Steam, and Android devices. The asymmetric survival horror video game was first launched on PC in June last year, and it reached the current-gen consoles a year later on June 23, 2017.