It cannot be denied that no character is better than the others in “Overwatch.” This is just how things work in this game. This is also what Blizzard wants to maintain.

However, it does not necessarily mean that a character does not get to be picked the most. This is where Pharah sits on the throne. She is just one of the most popular characters in the game. But seriously, how can one become a better Pharah main? Well, check out the tips below.

Go after high-valued characters

Sometimes, players using Pharah are tempted to join the battle in front and release an array of missiles.

There is nothing wrong about this, though. But if your goal is to help the team push as quickly as possible, then you better go after the opposing team’s high-valued characters. These are Mercy, Zenyatta, Lucio, and Ana, among others.

The point here is that once they are eliminated in “Overwatch,” the opposing team will have difficulty defending or pushing. Why? That is because there are no support heroes to provide either healing or boosting. This will also give your allies a huge advantage over the enemies. So, as much as possible, launch your missiles directly to these high-valued characters.

Keep flying from a distance

Do you know why pro players using Pharah are so successful? That is because they know how to keep a good range.

They distance themselves from heroes that can eliminate them. This is exactly what you need to do when using Pharah. Try to keep yourself away from any possible attacks. Hence you need to keep flying or firing from afar.

Just simply use her booster to soar into the sky. From there, you will have the space to launch missiles without getting ditched.

Because seriously, opponents will find it hard to fend you off. If your booster runs out of fuel, just step a little back or regroup with your team. As soon as it gets available, use it again to your advantage.

Flank, flank, and flank

Most players forget that Pharah is a flanker in “Overwatch.” She is one of the best heroes to deliver a flanking task.

This is where you need to find a route that will bring you behind enemy lines. But do this secretly and try not to get the attention of your opponents. You just need to discover the best routing routes, something that you can do in training or playing with bots. After all, you want to join Competitive Play match in which you know exactly where to go. From there, you will have easy access, making it easier for you to eliminate opponents.