If you’ve heard of the term “ankbuster in “Overwatch,” then you know exactly which hero this guide is in reference to — none other than Reaper. Yes, the scary-looking dude in Blizzard’s shooter title.

Reaper, however, is unlike before now in “Overwatch.” He has got The Reaping now, though it kind of works like the previous skill. Anyway, below are some tips on how to be the best Gabriel Reyes in the game.

Aim for the tanks always

Reaper was given such skill set for one specific reason: tankbuster. So obviously, he is going to be a notch better than this type of heroes.

As much as possible, it is best to go after the tanky heroes. Once they are eliminated, the team will have the chance to advance or defend. More importantly, this gives the character a chance to burn his ultimate and have it ready for the next counter. It should be noted, too, that Reaper is among the heroes in the game with a low ultimate burning rate.

But of course, this does not mean that he cannot go after other characters in the game. Reaper is also a lethal character to use when it comes to fending off support heroes in “Overwatch.” The key is here is to be aggressive. Simple as that.

Flank, flank, flank

What most people forget when using Reaper in “Overwatch” is that he is a flanker. He is not the kind that will go on the front lines.

This hero is more about going through the back door and surprising the opponents. In fact, his skill kit is specifically developed for such role.

This is where players can teleport from one place to another. From there, they can easily kill an opponent or two. Heck, if his Death Blossom is ready, he can just deploy it right in front of the enemies.

Believe it or not, Reaper is the best hero when it comes to flanking. Or at least, this is what most of the players believe.

Learn to fall back

Reaper has the ability to absorb life points thanks to his The Reaping. However, the amount he can absorb is based on the health points of the target. If he is going after tanks, he is definitely going to acquire more life hacks.

But despite this, Reaper is still a vulnerable hero. He only has 250 health points anyway.

So, as much as possible, players need to know when to fall back and group up with their team in “Overwatch.” Just because you think you can outmaneuver an opponent does not mean you are likely to survive. There is still a great percentage that someone from the opposing team can eliminate you. If this happens, the team will be left with a great loss. You definitely do not want that to happen.