In any other games like “Overwatch,” support heroes play a huge role. They help in keep their teammates alive through healing, which is their primary responsibility. They also boost a character’s speed and other attribute.

In “Overwatch,” one of the best support heroes is none other than Mercy. She may always be on the sideline, but most of the team’s advancing efforts come from here. Below are some effective tips on how to use Mercy like a pro. Check them out!

Heal tanks first

Believe it or not, healing tanks should be Mercy’s first and foremost priority.

These heroes are there to consequently absorb damage, preventing other characters from getting hit. Without a healing support, it is almost impossible for them to do their job. Except of course if the tank being used is Roadhog, who can self-heal.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that Mercy would not head to other heroes and heal them. Of course, she must. Remember: providing healing support to the team is her main responsibility. It is just that her first option when it comes to healing should be the tank heroes.

Boost DPS characters

Imagine a DPS character like Soldier: 76 receiving a boost from Mercy? Or how about a Genji whose Shurikens have double damage? They are definitely going to be killers.

This is where Mercy can become a more valuable support, providing more than just healing efforts. Heck, one of the best combos in “Overwatch” right now is Mercy and Pharah. The two can fly up in the sky and provide damage.

Again, the key here is to boost a DPS character’s damage to make him/her even more lethal. Still, at the end of the day, boosting should not be her only goal.

It is still important to look for the hero with low health and then provide heal.

Try not to get killed

This is actually a hard thing to do, most especially with the rise of dive comp. Remember that this comp is composed of highly mobile characters who have the ability to jump from one place to another. Their main target are high-valued heroes such as Mercy.

While this is likely to happen, Mercy players must do their best to be standing. Otherwise, their team will be at a great disadvantage.

One possible workaround here is to stay with alongside a member or two in “Overwatch.” That way, whenever an attack arrives, they can easily notice and help you. More importantly, you will have someone whom you can fly into using her skill. Remember: Mercy has a skill that lets her move towards as character in an instant.