Overwatch” is perhaps one of the best shooter titles in recent memory. Its gameplay even goes beyond what a normal player can expect. Blizzard developed this in such a way that its success will go through the roof.

However, not everyone is convinced with the popularity of “Overwatch.” Not everyone is willing to pay a small amount just to buy and play it. Without further ado, below are some interesting things about the game that will make you think twice.

It is all about teamwork

Most titles with the same genre no longer value teamwork. Or at least, this element is not the main core of their game.

While there is nothing wrong with it, there is still a remarkable reason why it should exist. Think about playing a game in which no one is better than the other. To simply put, Blizzard’s game does not offer a character that is way overpowered than the others.

In “Overwatch,” the efficiency of a hero relies heavily on the player. So, in a sense, the hero is only as good as the player. Unlike any other games out there, this title prevents players from using an overpowered character. That is because such character does not exist.

Every character has its own counter

In other titles, a hero may require the might of two or more characters just to be tackled. But in “Overwatch,” this does not apply.

Each hero, no matter how powerful they may see, always have counters. For instance, Genji can easily be eliminated by the likes of Roadhog and Reaper. Roadhog, on the other hand, can be taken down anytime by Soldier: 76 or Pharah. The list goes on.

Blizzard developed these characters in such a way so as to provide balance. Heroes' skills are also tweaked according to the current meta to ensure consistency and prevent any exploits.

All of these allow players to play strategically, as they would want to ensure that an opponent gets to be taken down by the right heroes.

The lore is just as exciting as the game

Sometimes, players just want to play a game due to its combat or gameplay. But there are cases in which players will be inspired to play it because of the lore or story.

This is exactly what most players felt when they played “Overwatch.” They just love every story - introduced through animated shorts - that the studio introduces. They get to learn the origins of their favorite characters as well as the map. The developers have created an environment in which a hero’s likeability goes beyond the actual game. This is definitely a great aspect of the game.