The Witcher III” has had some marvelous pieces of collectibles over the past few years, from special Geralt figures to custom Gwent decks to remind us just how much the game is beloved by many. But now the guys over at CD Projekt RED have gone the extra mile, recruiting the expertise of Dark Horse Comics to give us the liberty of bringing extra colors to the snow-capped peaks of Skellige and get a little creative with one risqué illustration of Geralt.

Dark Horse’s ‘The Witcher Adult Coloring Book’

Poised to release on Nov. 1, “The Witcher Adult Coloring Book” will consist of 96 10″ x 10″ pages, priced at $15.

To be clear, “adult” in this context refers to the complexity of the line drawings in the book, so don’t expect everybody sans clothing, not that the game lacks nudity anyway.

However, one image that gained notoriety over the years and spawned countless memes made it into the coloring book: Geralt of Rivia in a bathtub. Rafal Jaki, the business development manager with CD Projekt Red, confirmed himself via Twitter:

While Marianna Strychowska is handling the cover art, Scott "The Dirty Car Artist" Wade and Taiwanese artist Yu-Chen Tang are also on board. According to Dark Horse, the coloring book features an onslaught of “uniquely designed and highly detailed black-and-white illustrations” that are inspired by the series of games that came before it, including “The Witcher,” “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings,” and the most recent installment, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

Mod that beautifies ‘The Witcher 3’ gets big PC update

In other news, HD Reworked Project has just been updated to version 4.6.

Modder Halk Hogan PL describes this as the mod's "biggest update ever," with improvements to water, most stone walls and roofs, and most "poor wood" (including things like doors and planks).

The video is primarily composed of before and after screenshots of various scenes from the game and the improvements are instantly recognizable.

Again, the game was no slouch in the graphics department, to begin with, but Hogan's patch has cranked the dial all the way up to 11. It’s worth noting that you’re going to need to prioritize this mod over others if you don’t want any glitches. As an extra, you can get the Novigrad walls to look the way they looked in the first E3 trailer.

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book” is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, which as of writing is currently on sale for $11.87.